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Man Loses Arm In Accident

Old Wing Stand

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Oh well.

Shyte happens. Hope it wasn't the arm he was learning to wash with.


Aye sh*t happens, lucky to be alive by all accounts.


I don't know him that well, but he was in my house to watch the recent Haye boxing fight, he was at a wedding dance with my mate and he drove him over before the fight and came into watch it as well.


Promising golfer and handy pool player, or was at least.

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Hopefully the insurance company will be armed with all this info when the claim comes in.


I ken Scotrail are daylight robbers, but armed robbery is an altogether more serious crime, hopefully the driver of the train is hung out on a limb over this.



Is it nae the guard bloke fa blows his whistle to tell the driver to get going that would have f**ked up?

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