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Rant 4 Today


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Baith provoked from today's newspaper reporting.....again.


When you get to my age , it's all recycled information , little is new , it's mostly variations of the same old themes and patterns of human behaviour.


So.....and not for the last time:


q: Is chocolate good for us?


a: In small amounts , slightly greater than homeopathic , possibly.....but not in industrial quantities. Cocoa beans do not grow in Scotland.

It is better for the Planet and consequently ourselves to eat locally( 500 mile radius , give or take ).



q: Is breast best?


a: No brainer this een. For nine months we have grown inside the womb - warm , comfortable and fed( on Mother's blood ) - then it's oot o' there into the cold , cruel World.

What better , more reassuring and life-supporting object to reach out and hang onto than a nice warm breast filled with nourishing Mother's milk which will be of similar composition and ph to the other stuff we have been feeding on for the last six months...only white , not red. Surely this is what first bonds us to the opposite sex and teaches us love and respect for our interdependence.



Mind you.....I'm a bum man masel'.....more of which later. ;)







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Tits AND bum , now that I think on't.


Best of baith worlds.


Just a pity I'm old.....but thanks for the memories.


Titties and bums.....and beer , of course.


I want my youth back for.....titties and bums and beer.


Is there onythin' else?






No apologies for repeating and some of you may not already have heard this gem from Frunkie Zappa.....great guitarist and satirist for Uncle Sam. R.I.P.

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