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Poll In League Position

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I think we'll be 7th by the half way stage, however I don't think 5th will be too far out of our reach but think we'll only be a few points away from falling to about 9th.


Like briPod says, I think it will be very tight outwith the Old Firm this year. Can't see Motherwell keeping up their good form over the course of the season, however think they'll end up 3rd. Nobody else seems to be setting any sort of patter, however it is early in the season yet.

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I should have added I believe we'll settle at 5th or so and probably not improve much past that with Celtic/Rangers/Hearts/Motherwell all above us.


Pretty sure we'll add a winger on a free and or Aluko will traipse back to us rather than sit out an entire season. Mind you, surely his old man could pay up his compensation?

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i pumped for 8th. once the team works out how to play with this formation i think well be okay, but itll take till xmas by which time itll be too late to do anything significant.


genuinely think well concede less goals this season but at the same time, a distinct lack of creativity will prevent us getting points. i foresee a lot of no scoring draws.

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I found the selection of Christmas as a cut off date a bit bizarre...


I just meant halfway - not particulalry scientific I think there were about 17/18 games played by then last season.


If our league position is very far from where it's believed the current squad should be (as in the poll results) then it's a pretty decent test of everyone's football knowledge.


That's all.

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I think there's still much time to improve and we've been unlucky in most games so far (St Johnstone home, Huns away, Hearts away, Sellik home) which won't be the same all season. Also we've got a lot of young, promising players like Fyvie, Pawlett or Jack, but guys like Grimmer or Cammy Smith, too, who still have to break into the first team. Some of them will surely develop to become better players and help us this season and in the future.

At the moment, we might have serious problems with scoring, but at least we scored in the last two home games and I'm convinced we'll do it more often now in the upcoming matches. Considering there are still a lot of teams looking better thans us so far, though, I went for 7th.

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