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Death By Wanking

Big Man

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Once managed 8 in a day, ripped the skin aff so there was a bit of blood, never again, poor c**t.


f**k that, most ive managed in a day is 6 - and that's when i was a 13 year-old on heat.


Never really wanted to push myself to beat it.


It was coming out in nanolitres by the end...

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Nae sure how they came to the 42 conclusion. :dontknow:



They can obviously tell by the arthritical state of his knees. You all know that "locking the knees in position" as we splooter another generation over Socks/sheets/gloves/bellybuttons, is the tell tale sign of a seasoned bobby polisher. So the post mortem would have told of Hightened Knee lock, thus = 42 times (its probably a rough estimate but I'll bet its pretty close)

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