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Love In An Elevator

Big Man

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Whats the legal aspect here,him handing over the 20 sheet after pumping in a public place, or then simply pumping in a public place.


I can't really tell from the article.


I'd imagine incest and some form of public indecency charge. I doubt they would kick up a fuss about the

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I think the fact they are brother and sister has a fair bit to do with it.


Mind you where you bide that's seen as normal. :itch-chin:


Aye but at the point of getting arrested the cops would not have known they were in fact breether and sister.would it of being riding on cctv that alerted the cops, or him paying for it...

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This is the lift in question:




He looks like golem:




Only he has been put on the sex offenders register. She's obviously just a delicate flower who has been led astray by her depraved sibling...



I'd give her one...
























..out of ten! Even that's being generous.

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THE shattered mum of a brother and sister caught having sex in a train station lift told last night how her world collapsed after discovering their shocking crime.


Jacqueline Finlayson had no idea her children Richard and Kirsty had confessed to the sickening romp in court until a family friend broke the devastating news to her.


Sobbing as she described the moment their sordid secret was exposed, Jacqueline, 47, said: "I instantly burst into floods of tears.


"I cannot describe the devastation that I felt. My whole world seemed to end.


"My first thoughts were, 'What have they done?'. My second thought was that we were all going to be attacked."


Richard, 21, and Kirsty, 18, were caught on CCTV at Motherwell train station last June. The pair were shown leaving the lift

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