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Red Or Black

Big Man

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Another millionaire tonight, good luck to the guy.


Aye fairplay to him i suppose.


Not a bad programme - typical exploitation ant and dec television.


I was watchin it with the wife and her mum. It amazes me how woman think they are good at selecting red or black, and if they get it right they think they have some divine talent. They immediately attach meaning to the colours, the patterns of red and black and the outcome. I tried to explain it was a simple issue of 2 choice probablility but i was shot down....


She thinks she has a special ability.



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I watched it. Brainless TV, par for the Saturday night course. Was ok. Could do without the obligatory Simon Cowell back stories - 'This game show means so much to me, my pet giraffe needs a new tree.'


I didn't actually realise it was a Cowell creation until today, feel bad about watching it now.


I see the Sat night winner is a jailbird



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But DoND is at least a little bit more entertaining... although the British version is sill a bit wank... Watched half an hour of it last night and thought it was dull... The irony being that the boy who eventually won last night's cash had very few decisions to make as he had most of them made for him as he was last on the row... If you can't actually choose your fate what's the fucking point ?

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