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I openly admit that i am hopeless at sensible dancing. On a night out i only have one dancing trick up my sleeve, and that's the melbourne shuffle (a hangover from my students days):




I don't think it would go down well with the work colleagues. So, whats your signature move? and how do you deal with the whole dancing dilema (if at all)....



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Not such a dancer now but back in the day I was a Finger pointer and did the aeroplane and also stood with hands in the air flicking the come on signal to the DJ. Very Classy.


I also used to do a number of Heed bangin manouvers with the Pipemeister which included stomping round the dance floor with fists firmly clenched thrash our lovely locks to the riffs of Pantera Machine head and Sepultura those were the days.



Bluto only poofs hang out in clubs and put out a vibe (the I'm freee Vibe :gay: )

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