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Insight Into Performance Analysis

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ive seen this kind of thing done wi cardiff city but not to this extent. shows how much football has changed and is embracing modern technology. makes for some very interesting viewing. each vid is only 5 mins long so give it a gander. 1st vid looks at analysis on a day to day basis and how it affects training. 2nd vid is in match analysis and how it can affect half time team talks. very cool stuff.







how much do i want one of those smart boards! i need to learn how to use a mac....

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That is quality, 4-4-2 mag done a great piece on sports science and it's role in the game now, this just furthers it, most if not all top level clubs use pro zone which is an amazing bit of technology that can even help pick out if a player is injured or not which is incredible.


Would love to get involved in this sort of thing and do it as a job like those in the clip.


Also, just on pro zone, I'm pretty sure it's how Fergie went about getting in Hernandez, comparing his and rooneys stats on there. http://www.prozonesports.com/product-recruiter.html

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