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Rory Fallon Signs

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Aye he looks like handy right enough, good leap.


Rory Fallon is a Christian who is involved with the charity faith and football. He has revealed that he moves clubs based on what God tells him. He told the Guardian: "One club has come in for me, but I don't feel the Lord wants me to go. I will wait on what the Lord says. I don't feel I have got a clear message to leave yet, so I'm staying. I'm instructed by the Lord, and I keep telling people this. They probably think I'm mad, but I know full well that when Paul Sturrock came in and wanted me to go to Southend I had a dream and the Lord told me to stay at Plymouth. I have had no instructions since so I stay at Plymouth." .


Wonder if God told him to check out the Dons eh?


Lets wait and see ;)

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Where is your faith in "MR" Browns eye for a player?


Oklahomo, there's no need for such obtuse behaviour.


As I said pull yer panties up.


Bripod he is coming in on trial, ken this for a fact - I would imagine Arnason has suggested it to the Gaffer so he's just having a look.


Double figures for average clubs - but only ever in one season (Swindon) suggests he is no better than Dazzler so i'd be suprised if he is offered a contract, as I am confident in Mr Brown's keen eye for a player, as you have kindly pointed out.



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He says he's reluctant to go to the board unless he's sure, that would suggest that we could still make another signing if he's good enough. I'm getting a little bored of it all, either we have budget or we don't. All this I can't go asking for more...unless I'm sure, it's getting tedious. Just come out and say we will not sign anyone full stop, or we are still looking. It seems to change every other day, it's distracting us from the real business of playing football and hopefully winning games.

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I don't think we have, we just have him on trial, we have noted he is pish, and we won't sign him.

No harm in trying.

I'm in Baku....so am only going what is posted on the Evening Express website....Looks like Broon is not in agreement with Tup


Aberdeen FC boss keen to sign Rory Fallon

ABERDEEN FC manager Craig Brown was today deciding whether to step up his interest in New Zealand international striker Rory Fallon.

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