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always like juve since the days of the divine ponytail and my danone 10 top. touch of class..


i always think of them as the biggest of the italian sides.


anyway. i see they habve now moved into their new stadium. i think the last one is to be used by torino.

and the previous one before that the white elephant del alpi is no more.



i know some big foreign sides often get crowds far smaller than what their stadiums hold but cant juve get more then 40k regular fans? in italy. seems weird to me.


stadium looks dapper though.

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exact same thing crossed my mind! Especially when you see that the Stadio delle Alpi held about 70,000. But its still a big improvement on their previous stadium Stadio Olimpico which only holds about 30,000. Juve have actually swapped stadiums 3 times in last 5 years! Maybe thats part of the reason why the giants of italian football have fallen, not to mention that they where cheating cunts! Pretty sure when they where in the delle alpi they averaged around 55,000 so i dont no why they didnt go to 50-60,000 in new stadium?

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I've had a soft spot for Juve since I was little for some reason, and was over at the Communale last season for a game.


Juve, despite being Italy's most supported club actually have a small fanbase in their home city of Turin. At the Delle Alpi it only ever sold out for the huge games and they averaged below 30,000 and closer to 20,000 some seasons.


When they 'won' the league down in Bari last time before the Calciopoli there were 40,000 Juve fans at the game, and in the mid 90's when they played home games at at the San Siro, it sold out.


they've sold around 25,000 season tickets for their new ground, which I think as smart as fuck.

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Thought their average was a bit higher but wasn't really sure! The relegation has really hurt them and have struggled to make an Impact ever since but have spent pretty big this summer which may close the gap slightly on the Milan pair?



Just checked and they had a 55k average the season before they were sent down - 2005-06.

The previous season 2004-05 the average was 26k and 2003-04 was 34k.

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Any titles they did win, they cheated their way to, so they're not even successful.





Aye, most Italian clubs will have been at it at one point or another, and probably still are. It's in their nature, corrupted to the very core. Extortion, money laundering, the lot.

Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio were all originally relegated to Serie B and Juve to Serie C1, but on appeal the other 3 got points deductions and Juve only sent to Serie B.

Milan were originally expelled from the Champions league by the italian FA but were allowed back in on appeal and went on to win the fucker!


Great country to visit though.


Anyway, the huns are the huns, the lowest of all forms of human life. Nothing compares.

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Very steep to me aswell which is cool, like grounds like that.

To an extent yes, grounds like this are very intimidating, like The Dell used to be, but on the other hand imagine they scored an injury time winner against Milan or whoever and everyone piled forward could be a recipe for disaster. Just saying like.

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