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Product Recall - Stella Cidre

Big Man

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Stella Cidre is being pulled from shelves after two consumers were injured when a bottle of the cider exploded.





Brand owner AB InBev has issued a recall notice following the discovery of a yeast contamination in three batches of the cider. The fault means it continues to ferment in the bottle, leading to a build-up of gas that could cause bottles to burst.


The alarm was raised after two consumers suffered minor injuries when a bottle exploded, prompting the brewer and an external lab to carry out tests.


Retailers have been warned to wear protective glasses and gloves before checking whether they are carrying the affected products

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The fuckers better get it back on the shelves for when I get home from offshore.

This is my drink of choice just now and I enjoy drinking it from the glasses I stole from the Old school House last week whilst watching the Scotland game.


Tasty is it?


How would you rate it next to a magners or a kobbarberg....



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I can only drink cider these days since premium strength lager and all spirits send me apeshit, a dash of blackcurrant takes the edge off the hangovers but ordering that on a night out is akin to listening to Lady Gaga or being called Nigel.


Does some crazy shit to my bowels too mind.



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Each to their own but i can honestly say its one of the worst Ciders i've ever tasted.


I'd rather drink Tennants through Jo Brands Knicker Gusset.


I was a hardened Cider drinker along with a fair wedge of me muckers and Strongbow and Scrumpy Jack was my poison of choice but the hangovers were fucking brutal and i made the heartbreaking decision to axe it from my playlist.

You could pick us out from a crowd anywhere, we looked like 3am at 9pm.


Still a 4 pack of Scrumpy in front of Million Pound Drop on a Friday evening is still a viable option.


Strongbow is indeed nice and I also enjoy that on tap.

Never had Scrumpy, so will try this.

Anyone tried Addlestons cloudy cider? They sold it at the Moorings, probably still do. That stuff is nice.

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Get involved WILCOCK but stay away from all the fashionable shite, nae cunt drank it before for a reason.


Scrumpy Jack has a lovely nose, the supermarkets also do a lovely range of Vintages.


Get the rubber sheet on the bed and get yourself a 12 bottle pick n mix.



I remember getting fucking bombed on scrumpy then nosediving down the stairs at the bottom of Bridge Street. That was a proud moment for me, because I thought that the epitome of grown up behaviour was doing something like getting bombed on scrumpy then face-surfing down concrete stairs on a pishing rain Saturday night.


Scrumpy is still fantastic, like.


EDIT: Can I just add that 'Cidre' is without a doubt the gayest fucking name for cider I've ever heard in my fucking puff?


Fucking Cidre?


How do I organise for some casual sorts to go punch fuck out of whoever came up with that name?

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