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Tax free isn't the same as duty free.


I got an ipod touch at the beginning of the year. My sister was going to take one back from the States but they weren't much cheaper and I was worried about warranties and the likes. So I got someone to get me from Heathrow airport when they went to Japan. I did spend a bit of time looking online for cheaper ipodtouches but I couldn't find any.

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anyone know the best place to get a cheap ipod touch?


i want one for holiday but later this year i might get an iphone so dont want to pay too much for iod touch.


any ideas?


If you want cheap don't buy apple.


£175 is the going rate - when it comes to apple there are no cheap products to be had.


Plenty of viable alternatives....

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:offtopic: i know...but how does that madbid work?! always thought it was too good to be true, or some kind of rip off


Crock of shit. The wife did it a couple of years ago trying to get a macbook


Basically you pay money for credits. Say 10 credits cost £10.


Each credit raises the bid price of an item by 1p. There's a time limit on each auction, and if the time runs out and you are the last bidder you get the right to buy the item at the price it ends up at.

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thought about tax free. but isnt duty free pointless in these interweb days?


plus would need to upload songs first.


did look at ebay, but maybe happier to pay more for something i know will work.


www.marktplaats.nl min bluts


that way you can find one local, go round pick it up and you'll know for sure its working.


Ebay is usually fine as well though. Bought my macbook from ebay and its lasted four years nae bither.

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