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Hurricane Katia Heading For Us

Big Man

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Oh aye bonzo - let me ask you a train question: do they ever close the forth rail bridge like they do the road bridge in high wind?

I can't say I've ever heard of that happening. Our fleet is impervious to wind. It just seems to be water/sun/foliage/snow/ice that can hold us back. Only time high winds cause havoc for us is when trees or power lines get blown over. A typical 2 car set weighs around a 100 or so tons, so I think only a category 5 tornado could move that.

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I'm sitting in my room at work and all I see are blue skies and a tiny bit of movement from the plants in the wind. Very disappointed. I was hoping for an early finish due to the building being ripped apart :angry:


Like wise round the Moray coast, rather unimpressive, and not blowing a hoolie as predicted.



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