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Congratulations to Arsenal on taking on the might of one woman and her hat shop and winning...


Arsenal have finally earned their first win of the season, but it's not an on-pitch victory: the club has won a court case in Spain forcing the owner of a hat shop to change the name of her premises.


The Gunners have won their case against Seville resident Alicia Simon, who has now been told by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office to change the name of her hat shop 'Arsenale'.


Simon registered the name of her shop before she even opened it in 2007 despite protestations from the club, but Arsenal's lawyers have been petitioning the Spanish authorities ever since, trying to convince them that she has infringed their trademark.


The stunned shopkeeper, who admits to having no knowledge of football, pointed out that her shop does not even share the same spelling or pronunciation as the English football club, and that it is a word which carries "more connotations of culture than sport".


But despite the apparent ridiculousness of their case, Arsenal have now successfully persuaded the Spanish authorities that there was a "risk of confusion" between the monolithic English football club and the tiny hat shop.


Simon named her shop after the Italian word 'arsenale', which was the name given to the shipbuilders' yards in medieval Pisa and Venice. Her premises are in Seville's Arenal de Sevilla district, where Seville's ancient shipyards were located - hence her choice of the name.


Her shop concentrates on selling her self-designed hats, but she also sells shoes - bringing her under the umbrella of "clothes, hats and shoes" as seen by the patent and trademark office, and thus causing the infringement.


Simon has no intention of backing down, however: despite admitting that she feels in a 'David v Goliath' situation, she will not change the name of her shop and has already appealed the decision - thanks to a pair of friends who are lawyers - to a Madrid tribunal which will have the final say.


"I will fight this to the end," she insists.




Not the first time this has happened. Edinburgh decided to change their name from Edinburgh Gunners due to the risk of Arsenal taking them to court over the use of word Gunners.


They were ripping the piss out of Arsenal over this on the Football Weekly podcast yesterday. It really makes Arsenal look like a bigger bunch of wankers then they already were.

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The Oxford dictionary have taken Arsenal Football Club to court over the use of the word arsenal in the title which they feel steps over the trademark of the word used in their dictionaries.

The noun which has a meaning of a stock of weapons represnts football in no way whatsoever and the football club have been ordered to change their name.


Bunch of clowns.

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Coupon dicked before it even started :(


Never put early games on a coupon. :cry: Guaranteed to ruin your day before it properly kicks off.


I used to always pick 3pm kick offs and have one Sunday game to really keep me interested all weekend.


Love this from the BBC.


1415: Incredible scenes at Ewood Park, where Blackburn have only had three shots on target and scored four goals. At this rate, the Arsenal fans will be holding their own march after the game, calling for Arsene Wenger to be sacked. :laughing:

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