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Keith V Aberdeen

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match report is up now on red web.



Chalali 46, 51, Mackie 49, Megginson 59, Masson 62, McManus 80


Folly who was playing at centre half had to come off with a knock after 15 minutes, nae good. sounds as though Chalali had a good game, 2 goals and an assist. Magennis was played wide left, perhaps trying to get him into the team more in this role, Megginson was wide right.

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Are Masson and McManus youth players? Not as up-to-date with things Dons as I used to be.



Magennis cannot play on the wing. Simple as that. Brown needs to move on from that experiment.


If we had anyone coming through from the youth with a bit of guile and trickery it's time they were in the side playing wide. My assumption is none of the kids are close to this.

he COULD play on the wing if he could read the game properly, Celtic game he had a shocker and couldn't make any form of runs, we'll see however.

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