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Good Places For Getting Scratches On Car Repaired?

Johnny Mac

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The wings doors & bonnet are all fairly good places to repair but the likes of the roof is a bit of a cunt cos it's in an awkward place.


That help?


EHHHHHH? Whoosh!





only heard positives about them, can come to you or your work as well which is handy.


Second person that has mentioned them, have given them a shout to get a quote. Cheers!



I use Watson's Autobody on Holland Street.


He's an independant chap who does a superb job at a very good price. I had 2 dents repaired a couple of years ago and it's back in next week to repair a key scratch and dent/gouge.


It makes me fizzing every time I imagine the low life scum keying my car 'for a laugh'.


Aye, bunch of cunts, hanging would be too good for them.


I'll pop in to Watsons Autobody for a quote too, it's beside my work anyway. Thanks again chaps!

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