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Dale Farm

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Dale Farm


Council making a right prick of themselves if you ask me. I've not read the linked article yet just linking it and as always the Mail will no doubt be going OTT.


What's everyone's thoughts on this shenanigans?


Byen is this your grannie in here? No wonder she's difficulty breathing living in a cesspit of a caravan like that. Stoor and shit guaranteed to be constantly airborne.



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IRISH travelling folk will today reaffirm their ancient, mystic right not to have planning permission for their houses.

As Basildon Council begins the process of enforcing the same laws which allow feminist eco-homes, the families of Dale Farm defended their traditional, ethnic practice of building a horrid little bungalow in the middle of a field.


Declan O'Reilly said: "Since the time of King Arthur we have been travelling the countryside, dispensing wisdom and good luck while keeping an eye out for a sweet land deal and then doing whatever the fuck we want.


"People round here hate us because we're so different and magical."


But local resident Martin Bishop said: "No, it's because you don't have planning permission. I wanted to build an extension but got turned down. I asked the council what would happen if I built it anyway and they said they would demolish it. I asked them if that was the law and they said I simply would not believe the extent to which that was the law."


Bishop added: "I also wanted to set up a siren testing facility right next to Dale Farm, but I couldn't get planning permission."


A council spokesman said: "There have been claims the travellers didn't know much about planning laws in which case they're probably a bit confused as to why there aren't houses absolutely everywhere.


"But one of them has a huge, two-year old Jag so we're guessing they're not that confused."


Another local resident, Jane Thompson, said: "I've got nothing against people who roam the countryside while not leaving a horrible mess and being really nice to everybody. I would gladly grant them planning permission in my heart.


"But some of them have been at Dale Farm at least 10 years. Forgive me for saying so, but they don't seem to be very good at travelling."

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Amid the tense scenes, Norther Irish TV presenter Gloria Hunniford arrived in a taxi and mingled with the crowds of Swedish Marxists and German protesters.


There was some speculation over why she was there, and some Tweeters suggested that the next celebrity to appear there would be 'Paul Gascoigne with a fishing rod', as he did at scene of the Raoul Moat stand-off.






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They have lived their since the 70s. Why does anything have to change?


No they haven't. They have lived in the adjacent bit since the 70's.


My house has been in the same place for 200 years but I cannot just go ahead and build a big extention to it if I get the urge. Even if I own the land.


I'd like to but I would have to apply for and be granted planning permission.


If we could just do what the fuck we wanted we'd be in some shape.

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