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Lets Put It In Perspective

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Don't need to put it in perspective. We should never lose to a team in a division(s) below us....ever.



It's the worst of the worst.


The list just gets longer


Livingston 6-1.

Queens Park

Queen of the fucking South


Raith Rovers



And that list doesn't even include Dundee fucking United.



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agree with that. the club may very well be finished.


Have to agree with you - cannot see how we can recover from this! Attendances will plummit now & we are skint as it is! Someone somewhere has to do something or we are fecked! We just cannot keep on sacking managers - there is a deep rooted problem at pittodrie & until this is sorted then we are doomed! I will not be back for a good while now!

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3-3 at Pittodrie.


Looking at it within 90 minutes on a simple level


How the fuck should the bottom of Division 2 team be able to come up with part time players and score 3 goals.




Simply How the fuck? never mind anything else.


Answer - clueless cunts throughout AFC who cannot see what all others can - you build a team from solid defence forward and that includes full backs, one of whom shouldnt be a centre back.


Seriously- AFC fuckin Jokefest.


QOTS was sickening, this is just alienating.

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Worst ever



lowest ever



I'm not shocked that we lost tonight.



John Robertson 'Aberdeen have a record of bottling it in the cup against lower league teasm' (or something close to that).


The truth hurts - thats what people think of what was once the best cup team in Europe.



No worse. At home against the te am bottom of Div2? Far worse



Its conceivable we will be relegated and that my kids won't have the pleasure of 'enjoying' AFC.....could be the end.


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Why did he change the team? Why?


We're not Man United and he's not Alex Ferguson! FFS.


This is what I don't understand. We had a reasonable performance on Saturday and getting a similar team out today to hopefully thump East Fife and hopefully help them grow as a team certainly makes more sense than wholesale changes and giving players a run out. Don't understand what Brown's thinking was behind that...

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So here we are again, witnessing a contest as to whether the players' or fans' morale is currently the lower. Every Director needs to take a long, hard look at himself tonight because guys, it's becoming tedious.


That kind of sums up the feeling tonight, however, that quote is from the East Fife forum, posted on Sunday about the performance of the 2nd division team that beat us tonight. I get the feeling the only way we can drop any further is if we finally get relegated and on tonight's performance that is not something I can now discount.


I feel very angry and exhausted and I think I have had enough.

I think Aberdeen and me need some time apart.......

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