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Safety Meetings


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This month we had 3 ltfads-eec's, means they died but technicaly as it happened on their tea breaks it won't go down as a lost time incident.


blah blah blah for half an hour then some bird gave us a 20 minute talk on "Surviving the menopause".


At this point i'd have quite happily turned a gun on myself.


What a load of shyte, only once a Month but by feck they come round quick compared to pay days.

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Nothing ghetto about it, we even had a couple millionaires within our ranks.


Not gang related either, I saw myself more as part of a city defence league.



you sure?

running round with scarfs covering mouths and goggle jackets looks suspicioulsy like a normal weekend in south london, ghetto territory to me.


millionaires :hysterical:


word on the street was that the top boys from millwall, whu, hibs and aberdeen were instigators of the tottenham riots.


city defence league you say?

when defending my city theres no way i would be bouncing up and down on the spot, gesturing with my arms and hands.

i'd wade in properly, all guns blazing.

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