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Not Bad For A Fat Kid


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What has Michael Owen ever done?


Has he even won a medal, and I'm not talking as a barely used substitute, I'm talking about as a first team player?


I mind he was almost in tears when Liverpool won the "Champions" League (sic).


Probably because he's only just left to chase the mega-bucks at Real Madrid.



:hysterical: :hysterical:

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FA Cup / UEFA Cup / League Cup / Super Cup / Charity Shield - all in 2001 - along with winning the Ballon D'or that year.


A League Cup in 2002.


Young Player of the Year 1998, Sports Personality of the year 1998, the latter only being because he scored 'that' goal against Argentina and still lost.


Aye, the only thing he did his whole career was win the UEFA cup is what we're saying then, even then it was against total minnows Alaves and down to traitorous English cunt Gary McAllister.


All these other things are irrelevant, reads like Hearts honours list.

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Impressive, I kinda thought you would have no idea about these sorts of things, being as you are quite dense on a number of other fronts.


Wife is an English teacher so I occasionally pick things like that up.


Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is the master of alliteration.


"Fine fresh fabulous fishy feast" being one that particularly sticks out.

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