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Pot Luck

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You can take a walk to Home Bargains, do a bit of shopping - then head to Currys for a TV, maybe head to The Dairy afterwards for a fine pie and chips.


Afterwards you can do a pub crawl - and maybe grab a meal in Via Roma, other than that - nae affa much.


They do have a Tesco which is quite big however.



not to mention people watching all the inbred locals.

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Not too much to do there although it has gotten a lot bigger in the past few years with all these brand spanking shoeboxes that are placed about 1 foot apart from one another in a field that normally floods.


There's even an argos there now, it is madness! The tesco is pretty big, but as for things to do in Inverurie for visitors... well I don't think there is much. Infact I can't think of anything to do there and it was my local town and I went to school there for 6 years, but most of that was spent either in school, going to the market green park (oh the excitement), karl's kitchen (when it was there), Strachan's, the dairy and the sweetie shop on the corner that was opposite the cinema at the time (which is now wetherspoon's after it was oscar's).


I still can't think of anything to recommend somebody does that visits there though. Wander round the centre, it's about 4 streets worth if you're lucky!

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