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Officers Of The Football Law

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Alan Muir


Assistant Referee 1

Brian McGarry


Assistant Referee 2

Graham McNeillie


Fourth Official

Greg Aitken



Alan Muir

Date of Birth: 10 May 1975


Referee Since: 1992


Admitted to SFA Senior List: June 1999


Promoted to Category 1: June 2004


FIFA Referee Since: January 2009


1st SPL Match

Inverness CT v Kilmarnock





Taurus - Rabbit - Wood - Yin - 36



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As a side note would say that Ross Countys Stephen Craigs 8 match ban for man-handling Matt Norcroft was worth the suspension. If ever there was a lad who you thought would suit being a prick referee then Matthew would fit that bill.

thank feck he is from Aberdeen so the SFA will never put him in charge of an AFC game, now that would be seen as biased

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