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He's asked what he thinks about things that are being said by fans on message boards and the media that the board and chairman are happy to sit back and run the club into the ground. He obviously disagree's etc etc he also said that he isn't prepared to disect individual's opinions on the matter and disprove them. It sounded to me like he was very much aware of the things that are being said on here and that he is very much aware of our feelings. I was just a bit surprised to hear a question referring to message boards. So basically us, maybe our ranting does get through to an extent.

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He's well within his rights not to listen to most of the pish written here, most of it done when blootered and emotional, and disna look too clever to the sober eye.


On the other hand, he would be well advised to listen to the likes of me for instance, as my advice is never anything less than bang on the money.

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Its bizarre that he's managed to get so high in the club with so little experience?

Aye to a point. He was high up in finance with one of the top oil companies and initially only came to Pittodrie as the finance man. He obviously showed lots of potential and Milne liked what he saw and he worked his way up. I trust him to run our club.

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