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Gears Of War 3

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Just completed GoW3. I really enjoyed it. Nothing revolutionary about this game, more of the same GoW action but I liked the way it seems to have tied up all the story lines and you got to learn quite a bit about the characters and their back story. The only thing I still don't understand is why does the Locust queen look so human?


Anyone else got played it?

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Got it on Sunday, put it on Casual first to do the story, utterly piss easy, but it goes onto the harder levels later for the Achievements, although once I'm on Insane I expect to be arrested for breach of the peace for shouting at the telly!! One thing though- I can't work out how to use the Digger gun- it either falls way short or blows up behind the target. Also, minor spoiler, but how the hell is Dizzy still alive? In the last one him and the tattooed boy (that later topped himself) were last seen fighting the locust boy wi the two chainsaws. Cracking game tho, well worth the wait.

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Wait till you see the Retro Lancer. Not anywhere as accurate as your trusty model, suffers from less ammo, but the bayonet charge is a one hit kill if you get a decent run up. Finished it on Casual, away to start the Arcade Mode on Normal, just to see what this points scoring malarkey is all about. And the VS mode is addictive as buggery

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Gone back to the original Gears and playing it on hardcore mode. After waltzing through Gears 3 on casual I'd forgotten how unforgiven the original can be. You can't crawl to your team mates if you take too many hits, you're just dead. A few of the bits have taken several attempts to get past.


I'm sure Gears 3 will be just as challenging on hardcore mode.

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