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Anyone been to Ullapool much? I'm up in the area for the weekend, any recommendations for places to eat there? Or anything to do there on a Sunday, or even places to go in past on way back on Sunday to Edinburgh?


I could go in past a castle or 2 I guess but don't know the area well. Although even just admiring the hills and lochs is good enough for me!

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Aye drove from Edinburgh this afternoon, always cool going over that bridge at Inverness. I stupidly signed up for a 65 mile cycle event here tomorrow so pretty sure I will try and eat 2 meals tomorrow night after it! That's if I survive it! Had a quick look round ullapool earlier and definitely a few places to eat here to pick from.

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I ended up going to that chipper by the harbour, made my day when he asked if I wanted salt and vinegar with it rather than salt and sauce like Edinburgh etc ask! Never went to the pub though. Up here on my tod, buggered after that bike cycle and i had to give up after 45 miles, it was a 65 mile race!


Note to self: don't try and do a bike event with a 150 quid steel hybrid bike from halfords!


On the plus side, a few commented on my old dons top, which makes a change!

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Spoke to a guy a few year ago from Ullapool said their was a full blown war between their and Stornoway gave the impression he was a hard cunt til he got floored by a wifie.



Haven't seen that episode of Gang Wars yet.


So do they all get on the ferry, psyche themselves up for 3 hours, get off the ferry, have a barney, then wait around until the next day till they can get the ferry home?

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