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Come On You Reds!

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Mawene seems to be setting himself up as a spokesman for the team. Lot's of quotes from him in today's papers about how they need to sort themselves out.


An example from the Scotsman:


Mawene said: "There's been a few things said head to head and maybe it's the right time to have a heart to heart and have an open meeting to burst through a few things that haven't been working for us.


"Looking at the potential of the group, we have to improve. There is no point looking for excuses - 'it's not him, it's me, we hit the post, got a red card'.


"Too many times we look for excuses or easy solutions. Sometimes we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and give more to the team. I think it's a mental thing. People have to realise football is a competition. In competition there is a winner and a second best. If you are second best too often you lose games. We have to give a lot more."


Mawene described Motherwell as a "great team", but he warned Aberdeen's approach had to improve no matter the quality of the opposition.


"The squad, the staff, the fans and the football club itself, there is nothing wrong with it," he said. "That's the frustrating thing. But I think the players have to do more. We have to go out there and compete. We are far off the mark. So this is a must-win game and we have to see what we're made of."


Makes interesting reading. Almost seems as if there's some internal conflict. Who are the guilty men, we should be told !!!

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