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It's Been Hard

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Do any of you know how hard it is to captain a team of useless cunts under a useless old bastard of a manager?


Last year I had it - European football, a fantastic manager, a fantastic stadium to play in, a fantastic place to train everyday, fantastic teammates, an SPL Championship medal, a fantastic club!


I'd rather drive the team bus for Rangers then play for shitey Aberdeen again.


Much love


Richard Martyn Foster



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He might be real, he signed up at 08:19 pm tonight. Is that enough time to get back from Motherwell after the match?

My bus passed the team bus after that, so unless he created the account on his phone. Its a fake.


But i have been told many players are regular viewers of this and Mad. So if you are reading Foster, a complete disgrace all season. Why does it always seem to be you thats making the mistakes thats costing us goals/games/points?


Fuck off back to Rangers.

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