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My mum was complaining about this the other day, I switched off really as it wasn't something that interests me.

Its defo a sign of old age collecting them, my old man has enough to travel round the world he said or the equivilent but i dont know how they work and usually switch off when he brings it up!

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The airline industry's a curious mix of companies stuck in the past (e.g. BMI) and those "blazing" (not a word most of their customers would use) a new business path (e.g. Ryanair). Most are coming to the conclusion though that airmiles - one of the last holdovers from a time when flying was a grandiose/novel experience - are more trouble than their worth. First, one of the most "successful" transport companies, doesn't give away bus/train rides for free because you happen to use the bus and train quite a lot.

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