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On the way home from work this evening, I passed a field hockey match in progress... it got me thinking about a similar game that's played in Scotland. Namely Shinty.


Has anyone ever played, or watched a game of this sport? Is there an organised, competitive semi-pro/amateur league still on the go in the highlands? What is it exactly? Is the game only played in Scotland and is it still fairly well participated in? From what little I've seen of the game it appears to be a more brutal version of field hockey, where you are allowed to swing the stick like a golf club.


There are a few teuchters on the forum.... so elaborate please! :thumbs:

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There was a televised match on the other week, BBC were showing it. Some cup final.


Also they show a televised match against Ireland where one half of the game is played under Shinty rules and regs and the other under Hurling rules.


If memory serves me well the same team almost always wins that cup. Cup for poofs

It seems a bit of a rough sport but because it's played with a stick it automatically defaults to being a sport for :gay:



Shinty has a silent "n" as well in case you're ever asked to pronounce it.

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I'd like to see you say that to a bus load of shinty players!

Ive told rugby players their game is for poofs and waste of time. Thats a typical response " bet you wouldnt say to a coach full of ruby players''


Fact is nobody plays shinty or cares about shinty because its shit. Okay a few remote places might play it but probably due to the fact the area they live in is shit.


Fuck shinty! Hurling is ace!

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