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Seeing as it was a beautiful day I decided to drop some stuff of at the folks house in Blackburn then take the Dog a walk in Kirkhill Forest.

He enjoys a walk off the lead in the Forest and seeing as I'd been away for 3 weeks I decided to get him out for an extra long walk. We drove over the back road from Blackburn to Dyce and parked up in the Kirkhill Forest East Woodlands carpark.

Walked through and eventually came out on the hill overlooking Dyce Industrial Eastate and The airport.

Even found markers for the Shell E&P pipeline which runs past the forest.

Also found a Bronze Age stone Circle which was quite cool to see close up.


Love taking the dog into the forest as it's good to get out and about especially on days like today.

There's plenty to do in the Tyrebagger Forest too. All the sculptures to find and see.


What's your favourite walk n Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire or the area in which you live?

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river don along grandhome used to be nice until it was ruined by loads of shit build houses and the gym. The bit in between is still a nice walk, loads of wildlife and running water. Cant ask for much more really and its right on my doorstep.

We spent many an evening on that path, probably still remnants of our old rope tree swings. Good times.

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With the amount of time you spend on here I find it very har to believe you actually work Tup!


I'm a man of many talents who does everything at 100mph.


I can fit a lot into a day, I feel obliged to, as there are only so many of them for which I will exist.


Anyone who lazes about wasting time is as well being dead.


This includes TV watchers, facebook users, people who like a 'long lie', pathetic types who just do not have the energy to keep coming back for more of whatever life can throw at you. If that's your attitude, why bother existing?


I'm never tired.

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The Jibberie Wallie will do me for an early morning get it together and oxygenating the bloodstream...especially after the liberal consumption of alcohol the night before.


We did a coastal path walk at Newburgh yesterday and fed the ducks....before lunch.


Used to enjoy walks up the River Dee at Banchory in my youth and the occasional trip up Scolty.


Rannoch Moor can be a bittie bleek if not fair weather but has it's own aesthetic.


Schiehallion translates as the 'magic mountain' and with good reason - round trip from bottom to top and down again in five hours - tak a piece wi' ye.


Then there's the 'Spanish Stroll' :





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