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Aberdeen V Dunfermline

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That there isn't an official match thread just one day before the game is a mark of the despair in our support-! Mods if you want to merge this with the crowd guess thread go ahead.


As the match draw closer I have feeling this might be one for the Dazzler. The chips are down and we need a loon that is willing to put his face in where the boots are flying-let's start him for the battle and see how he goes. I can see McArdle playing at right back for the same reasons-it will be a battle and the manager will favour him over the younger Jack. I'd also drop Milsom fo Pawlett.


I'd play a 4231 as discussed on the other threads but we will most likely go 442;

















Subs; the rest

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Yeah well he's been saying he wants people who will fight and Clark isn't that so i'd be suprised if he gets a start.


He needs pace on the wings so Fyvie and Pawlett would provide that for me - and preferably he'd get them flashing balls (ooer) early across the box.


Not rocket science - if you keep blasting balls into the oppositions box something's got to give.


I reckon Mackie and Fallon would make a nuisance of themselves (although i'd prefer to be saying Mackie and Fallon will have a cutting edge that will prise them open).


I rekcon Mackie is the one to go for, in our hour of need - never thought i'd say that.



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Team selection will be most interesting thing in this one after Browns comments about playing those willing to work. First 11 will be ok but those not picked or even worse those dropping to bench will almost immediately be looked at as those singled out by Brown for not being willing to put in the effort which could lead to splits in dressing room.


Also think team dynamo posted will be the one picked if Foster is fit. If not no doubt another four or five positional changes with jack in midfield, Clark rb, Milsom left and probably magennis on right.


Edit. Think fyvie will play if Foster out

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