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St Nicholas House To Be Demolished

beer gut

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for fuck's sake the idiot's in charge of this city really dont have a clue, they could have sold it (apparently 5 million quoted) but instead when money if tight they decide to spend over 2 million taking it down, just so they dont have to look at it from their new shiny office's


65 million quids for the Uni...


...and from what I hear about the state of the structure no-one better fart too loudly in there, or they'll be looking for new cooncil offices again, right quick.

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What would you build instead? To be honest anything is better than current. Whatever it is as long as you can appreciate Provost Skenes House and the magnificent College


Agree with that. The Provost Skene House has been lost beneath the monstrosity that is St Nicholas House.


What is wrong with Union Terrace Gardens as they are?

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Just needs a bit of a tidy up imo, definately not up for the levelling it off nonsence


I think it's a beautiful space. The bogs are a bit ropey obviously but they've been like that for a while.


It's our Central Park, Princess St Gardens, St James' Park etc.


There are people who see it as a waste of space in terms of retail. It's a huge area in the centre of town yet it doesn't make any money. :wtf:

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I would be all for turning Union Terrace into the new Pittodrie.


Parking for thousands underneath, city center location, pedestrianise the area on match days, shops, bars and restaurants a-plenty right there boosting the attractiveness of going to see the team AND boosting the coffers of local business, infrastructure already in place being a few hundred yards from train and coach stations.


It's a fucking brilliant idea of mine... too bad I'm not in charge, rather than a council/club full of spastics, imbiciles and monkey-people.

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