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Beer Gardens


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Beer gardens are for :gay: 's and 100% cast iron guaranteed you will have several wasps buzzing around your pint annoying the living shit out of you, followed by lethargy and sunburn at the back of it.


Fuck that.


That alone is enough to make me agree with you on this one.


I'd rather roast inside in peace and quiet than have those fucking things buzzing about.

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There's one in Woodside which I cannae remember the name of and it's quite obscured from view. The ones up the West End look good but ye'll probably pey a premium and get a higher percentage of wannabees , which are arguably preferable to wannawasps.


It'l be dark by 7.30pm which means the Sun is below the horizon ergo - caulder.


Better pit on yer woolies.


Better sit , plonk yer erse on a seat at Pittodrie.


It's Friday onywaye - 'the weekend starts here'.









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