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Nae hotels, train station, taxis etc in Stirling?


Fa does he want to go on loan to Cove or Banks o Dee so he can get a bus on King Street?

Yes. Yes (Stirling, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan and Alloa). Yes.


Shame cause the Albion boys occasionally go to my spin class. Could have got some chat.

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Clangers only signed a 1 year contract so he's hardly committing himself to the club long term. We're already a quarter way thru the season and it doesn't look like he will be ready until Dec/Jan if he has to under go another operation.


Its a difficult one because what happened to him must have been very traumatic and dented his confidence. I think he deserves to fight for his place but a loan move locally prob suits better. I think in this day and age beggars cant be choosers so I think any game time coming his way he should grasp with both hands..........excuse the pun!

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Clangers has "opted not to go to Stirling Albion on a months loan to improve his match fitness" according to Broon in todays E.E.

Nice to see he has the best interests of AFC in mind.



I do believe it's something to do with him not having a drivers license according to an interview I read yesterday.

The boy is an utter mong. I'm nae surprised that he's incapable of driving a car.



If thats his attitude leave him as no.3 now and have him no.2 behind Brown (who looked bit slimmer last night) after January.

I'm hoping we will have Gonzalez all season. Fingers crossed.


That's a disgrace from Clangers there imo. Agree get him to fuck if that's what he's done



Was told something similar by a club official last night. Feels that move is beneath him and he wants to fight for his place back.

Move is beneath him eh. I'd argue that for a goalkeeper of his standard, that there ia absolutely fuck all beneath him.

I saw better keepers yesterday at Harlaw Park.


If so, he's an arrogant cock.

Clangers is nae that good and should be punted at the first opportunity.

All agreed and correct.


He's having an operation on his brain next week according to last nights programme, hence why he probably rejected the move.


fit fucking brain would this be?


Out of contract at the end of the season, not our problem after that.

Fucking better nae be.

Unless Calderwod comes in for a salvage job in January and hand the uselss galloot a 1,500 year contract...

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Some of the stuff on here is a bit OTT with respect to him turning down the loan.


He's not a fringe player like Paton was and Albion ARE below his level. Like it or not he has been our first choice keeper for a number of years and there is no reason why he should go to Albion just to get a few games.


I don't exactly see how people think it's disrespecting the club either, total nonsense.


It's not as if Albion were going to pay his salary for a few months an save the club badly needed cash.


Personally I think he'll remain number 3 choice until the end of the season or until Gonzales leaves at which point I expect him to be number 2 behind brown.


At that point hopefully brown has the sense to let the guy move on as he isn't going to be good enough to be part of an improving team.

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He's having an operation on his brain next week according to last nights programme, hence why he probably rejected the move.

Why would AFC be offering a player to Stirling Albion in order for him to get matches if going for operation next week?

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