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Most Underated Scottish Player

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this is a afr more open debate, with many good shouts

I'll start with Tommy Coyne, that was a striker who scored goals everywhere ok so he went through more clubs than an overexuberant participant at a seal cull, but he was relentless in front of goal Celtic, Dundee and Motherwell were where he was most prolific always thought he would have been a great adition to our squad at the time we had the likes of Nicholas, Gillhaus, Shearer Jess Booth imagine having Coyne too. never seemd to get due credit in his era McCoist, John Robertson, Mo Johnston Brian McClair Keith Wright.,were the much hyped strikers and with thier records deservedly so but Tommy Coynes goals tally was up with the best of them but was never mentioned as being in the same class only McCoist, John Roberston, And Henrik Larsson have scored more top division goals than Coyne in the last 37 years,

a striker i always rated but seemed to be many that didn't share my opinion

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don't dispute the brian grant shout and agree he did Betts dirty work and to a lesser etent Paul Mason, Grants play allowed Mason to do what he did best be positive get forward, support the attack, score goasls and create and also allowed Bett to run the tempo of games, pass the ball around and dictate play Grant remainds me of Didi Hamann at Liverpool, never given the rightfull credit his play deserved and was'nt appreciated until he was out of the side.


so i'll add Grant to Tommy Coyne.

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Owen Coyle, thought we should have signed him, big standout in a horrible airdrie team ( plastic paddy I realise).


From same era mi always thought Andy Rhodes was a good keeper, always seemed to kick about at the lesser sides withou getting a move to the dons/hearts/hibs- much better than nicky walker for example. I know he's English, I'm going on most underrated league players)

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I hate what i am about to post but the most underrated Scottish guy in the last 20 years was John Brown of the mighty Glasgow Rangers.


A stalwart of the nine in a row years, always gave 100% and was a no nonsense defender. A great guy to have in your team.


Number of caps for Scotland. Zero.


RUL highlighted the "mighty" part, but much more so wrong with your post!

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