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Jodie Marsh


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a few weeks ago i said in the "birds your ashamed to say you funcy" that i had a soft spot for jodie marsh.


i ken shes a brain dead bimbo, but she at least seemed to have a bit of personality about her and was nae bad on the eye.




nae a drop dead stunner but far from being hingin.


well, just been sent a link to show that shes become a body builder now and just placed 5th in the natural physique qualifier. dropped to a size 6, gained 8lb of muscle and gone from 25% body fat to 8%.







safe to say, im no longer ashamed to say i funcy her as those feelings have well and truly died.

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link to the suns article above the new pics wi a interview with her


And at the weekend her hard graft paid off as she came fifth in a qualifier for the Natural Physique Association British championships.


A delighted Jodie said after the Sheffield contest: "This is the best I've ever felt — and the best my body's ever felt.


"In 50 days I have gone from 25 per cent body fat to ten per cent, gained 8lb of muscle and lost 20lb of fat.

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link to the suns article above the new pics wi a interview with her


I think she's a bit mental. One minute she's some glamour model/Jordan type slapper then she's a full blown Lesbian and now she's a body builder. Anything for attention, bit of a shame cos she was quite nice apart from the beak. It's a waste of a nice set ay dodes.

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