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Thon burd fae Portsmouth who beat Sky?






On the ball the day min !







A pub landlady appealing against her conviction for using a foreign decoder to show football matches without paying BSkyB has won a landmark European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that threatens to undermine the financial position of the Premier League and other TV rights holders.



Karen Murphy, who runs the Red, White & Blue pub in Portsmouth, was said to be "very relieved" after the court ruled that "national legislation which prohibits the import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards is contrary to the freedom to provide services and cannot be justified".


It allows individual fans in the UK to subscribe to Premier League coverage at home from EU broadcasters other than BSkyB and ESPN, who have paid for British rights.


But if in football terms Ms Murphy looks like having her red card rescinded, the judgment is not a giant-killing that will transform the way fans watch games in British pubs. The ECJ ruled that pubs should not be able to show copyrighted material such as the Premier League graphics and opening sequences without the authorisation of the league, which may now insist on its logo being shown on broadcasts throughout matches.


"I think the practicalities of this turn on the copyright," said Daniel Geey, an EU and competition specialist at lawyers Field Fisher Waterhouse. "What the ECJ said is that the Premier League has copyright over the graphics, music and pre-match broadcast. If any UK publican wants to broadcast it, the Premier League has to consent to it."


Ms Murphy, 47

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Karen is ma darlin' , fight the power.



There's precious little good news around nowadays, what with prices of all the pleasures of life and even the essentials going through the roof, and the grinning bankers and corporate scamsters running off with our money, and our phones hacked and our libraries whacked and our NHS about to be smacked and the Prime Minister apparently wanting us to pay off our credit cards sharpish, because the party's well and truly over.




So isn't it great to read about someone hitting back on our behalf, reclaiming a little low-cost treat to brighten our day; and even better that it's not a celebrity or a politician but an ordinary woman, a stubborn pub landlady called Karen Murphy. She is the landlady of the Red White and Blue pub in Portsmouth, who stood up to the millionaires of the Premier League at the European Court on behalf of her beleaguered customers, and won the right to screen Premiership football via a Greek-based company for only

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