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Pride Of Britain Awards


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A man who appealed for calm after his son was killed during the August riots has been charged with assault.


Tariq Jahan, 47. is accused of breaking a man's jaw and knocking out two of his teeth in an alleged road rage incident.




Mr Jahan received a Pride of Britain special recognition award this week for the compassion, dignity and calm he showed in the aftermath of his son's death.



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There's more chance of you being popular, civil, polite, friendly, considerate, beneficial to society or kind than that happening.



But thanks for your consideration and concern.


I'm only kidding Seb min, good on her, wouldna be me, I live close to a dolphinarium and some of these kids are beyond help IMO.

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She's fostered 45 kids. 80% of them were born as addicts.

Jesus, I struggle with 1 child when i've to look after my nephew, let alone fostering 45!


I know a few midwives and heard some horrific stories of kids being born addicted to all sorts of drugs. They are crying and screaming and they themselves don't have a clue what they are needing.

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