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O'Connor Cleared Of Diving

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Just seen that Gary O'Connor has escaped a 2 match ban after being cleared of diving to win a pen against St Johnstone. Are these guys for real? It was one of the most blatant dives you'll see and if they'd watched Sportscene on Sunday night they'd have seen Billy Brown admit it was a dive.


I wouldn't say diving is rife in the SPL but this was a good chance for the SFA to set a precedent with regards to diving and simulation and they've ballsed it up.

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I have to say can't believe he got off with this despite Billy Brown's comments.


And the new process was working fairly well so far.


On the plus side at least this process is much quicker and appeals etc are handled faster than before too.


Should prevent the OF using the appeals system to cheat the ban system. Ie if they have a tough game coming up appeal it so the player can play - even though the player is clearly guilty. Then "chose" to take the ban when there are easier opponents or other banned/injured players are back fit.


Shocking really that has been allowed to go on for so long.

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