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Robin Galloway

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Quote from Robin prior to the Huns cup final game in Manchester:


I'm old enough to remember Aberdeen's triumph in Gothenburg 25 years ago - it was a wonderful victory and made the rest of Europe sit up and take note. My wee laddie Myles has no ticket but intends to be in Manchester. I encourage all fans to follow their heroes down the M74 to the republic of Mancunia.




Make of that what you will....




"I'm a thick cunt fae the East End" :hysterical: 'assurance' is a big word :hysterical:

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Back on Northsound tomorrow from 9am.


Anyone know if he's actually moved back to Aberdeen? Be good to see the lad out and about in the pubs and clubs of Aberdeen again. :dancin:




Was one of those network shows he did that's not only on Northsound but Clyde, Forth and Tay FM, etc.

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