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Perth Glory / Aussie A League

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I'm in Perth now so watched Perth Glory today... Amusingly Billy Mehmet scored the only goal to win the game for Glory, Celtic;s least favourite son Liam Miller was in the team that's managed by Ian Ferguson... Small world...


The level of football was pretty poor... And yet Australia seems to be doing rather well competitively...

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I was at the celtic friendly match earlier in the season. I'm going to the Sydney match next month... from what I've seen of the A-League on TV, the standard is absolute shocking. Billy Mehmet is a good signing for Perth I reckon - he and Smeltz should make a real difference up front.


What was the attendance? They sold out the first few games of last season, after Robbie Fowler arrived in town... however, things dropped of rapidly ever after!


What are up to in Perth DJ... just passing though with work?

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Attendance was about 9,000 I think, and their wee Brazilian chap on the left wing was class... Oh to have him on AFC's wing !


SOTR, just started working at a radio station, so hopefully here for the long term... If you fancy a beverage before the Sydney game then give us a shout...


Yeah I heard from a few guys who'd seen them in pre-season that the brazilian guy looked quite handy.


Will give you a shout, I went to the Brisbane, just at the foot of Beaufort St, before the last game I was at... nice little pub!

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