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Said in the paper today that the atmosphere in the match he played in on Saturday was only second to Aberdeen v Dundee Utd of all the derby matches he's played in!


Quiet affair, 2 sending off's, plus a further 11 players booked.



What size of crowd would this fixture get ?

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To be honest I think he's another talent that was wasted because this club didn't employ the right people to harness it.

I feel sorry for him, I genuinely think he is a victim of AFC demise!

I don't like poking fun at these guys.

Eh no!


He playing for Boness Utd because thats his level.

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I believe that the game got about 2500 at it. Is one of the biggest non league games in Scotland with two towns that hate each other. However unlike the west coast rivalries, there isn't often any violence at games in the east.


Both these sides would be great assets in the football league.


At Bo'ness too I'd think that Budgie will be getting near as much as he would have at QOTS

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