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Big Night For Scotland!

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Every game in these qualifiers should have been a "Big Night" for the Scotland players. We've been in this situation so many times and failed that i'm not particularly looking forwards to it. But nevertheless, i'll be watching and hoping that we can get anything from this game. Chances are we'll scrape a draw and the Czechs will score a last minute winner.

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We'll lose pretty heavily, so I'm not particularly up for it... an away game to the best team in the world, needing victory to ensure progression?


Not going to happen in a squillion* years.


The game I'm focusing my attention on is the Czechs. Therein lies our actual hope of making the play offs. The Liths have already beaten the Czechs, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility.



*Squillion = a lot.

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Big night for Scotland?


Is it fuck.


If it was a World Cup semi final I'd agree, but nae this pish.


It's just another normal night with fitba on the TV.


i understand how you feel but i disagree entirely.


regardless of the ineptitude, lack of passion, managerial calamities that have got us to this point, tonight IS a big night for Scotland!


We can beat them. No-one would have had us down to beat the French in Paris so there's hope, however tiny... COME ON SCOTLAND!!












.....and then get papped out of the play offs by Armenia

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