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The End Is Nigh.....

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Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and maybe Spurs would all be keen for there own TV rights deal,


With maybe Aston Villa, Everton and Newcastle worth considering.


But unlikely that they would get the 14 votes required, unless the teams left, would benefit from a larger share, which of course it will not as the deal would be hugely reduced without the above teams.

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So, in relaxed, celebratory mood a year on from the court battle which ousted Tom Hicks and George Gillett from Liverpool and installed new Americans, Fenway Sports Group, as the club's owners, the managing director, Ian Ayre, mused out loud about breaking up the Premier League TV deal. That is the one element of clubs' income which they share; everything else, the tickets (prices raised to
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Agree which makes it even more baffling this came from a club owned by yanks! The example they cite is la liga, which has become even more uncompetitive than the spl since barca and real got their own deals.


Football is ceasing to be competitive at any level, i think clubs are close to pushing normal punters away from the game completly! Nobodys going to want to watch games with empty seats and these same clubs will criticise players greed!

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I always thought that the Spanish game was flush with cash like the englanders, but I remember watching a couple of games and the commentators commented on one of the managers taking a pay cut and that a club record buy was 800,000! this was what I always considered a big club as well - can't remember exactly which club. It also appears that the wages are considerably less than the english pay. Everything goes to the "big 2"

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The big clubs want all cash to themselves.


They are so powerful they will get it, one way or another.


However they won't have anyone left to play with all the new players they've bought, as all the other clubs will just say fuck you we're not playing anymore it's not a competition.


This is what I recommend the clubs in Scotland do to Rangers and Celtic, ostracise them, highlight their avarice and greed and corruption for what it is.

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