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Guest milne_afc

A pregnant woman was at the hospital giving birth to her baby. The delivery was almost complete, and at long last, the doctor held up the newborn, cut the umbilical cord, and took a moment to look the baby over. Then without missing a beat, the doctor threw the child against a nearby wall with all of his might. The mother watched in shock as the baby slid to the floor with a sickening thud.

The nurses and orderlies stood-by aghast as the doctor proceeded to dribble the newborn around the room like a football before finally passing the baby through the door into the hall with a mighty kick. Everyone, including the fatigued mother, chased the doctor into the hall just in time to see him scoop up the infant and run down the coridor, stopping just long enough to bodycheck the child into the wall every so often.

At the end of the hall, the doctor gave a mighty leap and slam-dunked the baby into a nearby bin, giving himself a loud roar of approval. Finally the now quite large awe-struck crowd caught up with the doctor. The mother was distraught and burst into tears.


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If a black man and a Pakistani fall off Blackpool Tower at the same time, who hits the ground first?


Although I'm sure you're tempted to say 'who gives a fuck?' the correct answer is the black man as the Pakistani is a shade lighter.


Factually incorrect. Basic physics means they would impact at the same time. Dependant of course on drag.






What's bad about shagging twenty-nine year olds?



There's twenty of them and it gets a little sore.

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