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Laughable. So it's fine for the Old Firm to eliminate competition domestically, but as soon as the superior spending power of other countries eliminates their chances to compete on a wider platform, then a breaking point has been reached?


Think compeittion needs rekindling Peter, well fair play, yer right there, so why not set an example, and go about a complete transformation of the current football model, where cash and greed are more important than competitive football? How about splitting all TV money equally between every club? How about the OF being shown live at home so they lose gate receipts, instead of the already destitute teams continually?


Sort out the mess you've created here before pointing fingers at the mess everywhere else.

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We've suffered the OF raping all the other SPL sides of their best players as bench warmers. We've watched them over-spend and not focus on youth development so setting examples for the whole league...fuck em. Their own selfish greed has bit them in the ass.


Although this statement is true - "The product here in Scotland isn't the best. There's a chronic lack of investment in the game".


The reason the game is chronic is because the leagues run by OF lovers, biased & poor ref's, betting corruption and two teams that have sucked the life out of the SPL.

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The Old Firm are quite simply a fucking scar on the footballing landscape, not just in Scotland, on planet earth as a whole. Scum.


Now, this is sheer hypocrisy of course. Expect that at every turn from them.


Our game is fucked is it? Who's to blame?


Look in the mirror you stupid bastard, CELTIC and RANGERS are fully responsible for the shambolic competition we call the SPL. It's a cartel run for their sole benefit.


This tool sickens me with his wrong headed thinking. The whole of football sickens me now. It's like a massive Ponzi scheme we are seeing. None of all this 'money' being chased does any good to football whatsoever. They get more? Where does it go?


Into their pockets, the players pockets, and agents pockets. All three of these groups are well oiled snakes. Fans are being made a complete arse of by those who have grabbed control of football's powerbase.


How about just sharing out all the money in Scotland and massively cutting your players wages Peter? Then we would have the competitive element back at home.


In my view there's a conspiracy to make our league seem like a broken beyond repair product, put in place by the Old Firm, to engineer their exit.


That day cannot come fucking soon enough for me, GTF the pair of you.

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