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Favourite Anti-Hun Anthem

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To the tune of

'my body lies over the ocean...

Yes! Never gets sung enough now a days. It certainly gets the point across well. Although I've always thought the song had a bit of a poetic license about it's lyrics. Sparrows wings flying with a buffalo's arse. That I'd like to see (especially over Ibr*x)


If I die in pittodrie street.

Must say that I've heard it, but not familiar with all the lyrics. Care to elaborate?


"He canna dae this, David Murray canna dae this" :dance:

It was great looking over at the rest of the crowd (I was beside the chimps in the Broomloan end) and seeing almost EVERYONE at it. Looked like something out of a European game to be honest. And this was AFTER the game. Immense support and will to get it right up the only 2 bigoted scumbags left in the shithole.


I hate when Aberdeen fans sing the Hello Hello version. Yuck!

Love it to be honest... You could see them just after it was banned with the steam coming out of their ears just not knowing what the fuck to retaliate with.

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