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Electromagnetic Weapons And Faraday Cages


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Cool. (well not really, but if a country's determined to try to dominate others, at least this should kill/maim fewer people than bombs and guns.)




BULLETS and bombs are so 20th-century. The wars of the 21st will be dominated by ray guns. That, at least, is the vision of a band of military technologists who are building weapons that work by zapping the enemy

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Or could just be China and go "nit" whenever anyone asks for rare earth metals.





Elements are also essential to modern warfare. High-end weapons such as precision-guided bombs and advanced fighter aircraft depend on components built with lightweight, rare-earth magnets, as do night-vision goggles and targeting lasers ... It is essential that a stable non-Chinese source of REO [rare earth oxides] be established so that the U.S. RE supply chain is no longer solely dependent on China's RE exports,
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