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Spaceport America


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Eh see Branson has opened up the world's first "spaceport", with the first flight due to leave in about 12 months. More efficient than Terminal 5 anyway.


Nothing like launching needless ways to spend money during a global depression.




Buzz Aldrin was at the opening yesterday, so Boofon needs tae get his brief soon for the first flight so he can hassle the old boy again


Spaceport America

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boof will be on this no doubt, like a modern day Mr Spoon.


Nope. Not for me this one. It's akin to lazer eye surgery. I still don't trust the technology.


I don't trust Branson either. Sleeze bucket and a dodger of the highest order.


I'll stick to planet earth for the time being.


Buzz did say when he was on the moon there were several wires there that led back to earth. I guess two of them would be wired to Brian and your good self. :dontknow:

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