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Parkhead Tips

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Evening, I'm heading to Celtic Park on Sunday for the first time. Any tips, tricks or hints for an OF virgin?



Get the restricted view tickets (well worth it)

Listen to their stewards (some of the finest you'll find in Scottish football)

Wear you're "Big Jock knew" T-shirt (they love the banter)

But leave the kids at home


Hope this helps



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  • No matter what you're ticket says, you won't be shown to that seat, instead you'll be told to sit anywhere
  • Listen to the cauldron of noise that is Parkhead i.e Quiet until they've scored (if they do that is ;) )
  • Shitest view for any away fans in the SPL


The list can go on.......

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It's a complete and utter shitehole of the highest order

Waifs and strays everywhere.

You get ripped off for tickets - far too expensive

Pillar in the corner of the ground

A strange aroma permeates from the home support. It's a mixture of paranoia and uncleanliness

Apart from that, you'll love it.


get fucking right into these horrible, loathsome cunts and ram it right up their wee scroat of a manager!! That's Sundays team talk done

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Bit of a shithole and overpriced, never seen us beat Celtic though which is about all that keeps me going.

Same here, been there 4 times and yet to see us score a bloody goal. 6-0, 4-0, 2-0 and 3-0 :cry:


Seen us win 4 times at Parkhead, pretty much every season i say ill never go back. :suicide:

Well i'm assuming 3 of those games were the 1-0 cup win in 2008, 3-2 Stewart late goal and 2-1 Zdrilic late goal? But what's the other game?

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